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Hassle-free site rebranding with Tailormade

I’ve worked on a number of projects throughout my lifetime that have had something in common: they’re tools used internally in businesses and each business wants the tool rebranded slightly to match their site. In fact, they’ve got another thing in common: it’s always been a major pain to do.

Home is Where One Starts... Review

Home is Where One Starts… is a beautiful exploration through the childhood memories of a young girl living in a broken home.

Tuples vs Interfaces in TypeScript

A tuple is effectively an array with specific types and a specific length. They’ve been supported in TypeScript since TypeScript 1.3 (it’s now 2.0) and I’m going to do a quick investigation about when they should be used (if anywhere!)

Unit testing TypeScript with Alsatian

TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript which allows developers to use static typing in their projects. It runs through a “transpiler” (unlike a compiler which turns source code into a lower-level language, a transpiler turns source code into a language at the same level) which turns it into plain old JavaScript.

Stand Ups: Throw, don't pass!

Daily stand ups are an integral part of a modern Agile team. A short, typically 5-to-15 minute meeting which normally takes part in the morning, where the team discusses any issues that they may have, and communicates their progress to management members or other stakeholders.