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Low poly tank in an hour

This one was interesting. Most people could tell you what a tank looks like, but probably couldn’t accurately describe a given tank. I really had my work cut out making sure that I exemplified the correct features to make this feel right. Even better, I only had an hour!

This was my first time making something realistic and not tracing it. I worked from reference images but they weren’t overlaid over the model, I had to use them as I went. It was mostly based on an M1 Abrams, but not entirely.

The texture was a simple diffuser (the light yellow-brown colour) and a mixture of Musgrave and Voronoi textures (the darker brown colour) to give hints of camouflage and dirt.

Low poly tank

I cheated here with the cylinders and in hindsight I wish I hadn’t. I could have made nice hexagons for the wheels and the gun barrel which would have fit a bit better.

Total work time was exactly 1 hour.